Tom Cruise Space Movie

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Tom Cruise to star in first movie filmed in space

Hollywood films have done a great job at depicting space in a realistic way. But no movies to-date have actually taken place in space. It looks like this is about to change because NASA has confirmed that they are working with famed actor Tom Cruise to produce a movie in space. NASA’s current Administrator Jeff Bridenstine even took to Twitter to confirm the news:

Details are scarce at the moment, but it sounds like the movie will be filmed on the International Space Station (ISS) and aboard one of SpaceX’s spaceships.

Tom Cruise is no stranger to sci-fi. A couple of his movies include Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow, so he’s a great choice to take on the first-ever movie filmed in space.

This announcement begs many questions though: how safe will it be to film this? How many behind-the-scenes crew members will also embark on the trip to space? And of course, what will the film be about, considering the limits of our current presence in space? Hopefully more details will come soon!

SpaceX is set to send its first humans to space on May 27th. A milestone such as this will be monumental for commercial spaceflight and paves the way for space tourism. And now that Tom Cruise may be the first actor to fly to space, this will open the doors even further for civilian presence in space.

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