Symphony of Science

An internet genius (or possibly a group of people) that goes by the name of Melodysheep on Youtube has composed an educational science masterpiece. It’s known as the Symphony of Science Project.

The videos are essentially compilations of quotes derived from the lectures of some of the world’s greatest scientists; ranging from Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking to Richard Dawkins and Michio Kaku. The quotes are cut-up, synthesized and reorganized to sync with custom-made beats to generate the illusion of an actual song. For the science-minded like myself, this is probably the greatest combination in musical history. Not only can I easily memorize awesome quotes from awesome scientists, but I can jam out to science as well…as nerdy as that sounds.

Here are two of my favorites. You can watch the rest on YouTube or on their website by visiting those links above. They also have downloadables in MP3 format. I HIGHLY recommend watching all of them. Visit their website here for details.


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