New SpaceRip video: ‘The Quest to Live in Space – 4k’

The YouTube channel SpaceRip has finally released a new video as of last weekend. In this video they explore preliminary steps the space industry is taking in preparing humanity for life in space. The video features brand new footage of the progress being made in this endeavor.

This particular video aligns with a recent post of ours which explores reasons why space colonization needs to be top priority for humanity. It is exciting that space colonization is a high priority for space agencies like NASA, and it’s nice that this video gives us a window into that research, but it seems like the pace could be going much faster. More resources should be allocated towards studies like these so that the average person can choose a life off-word much sooner. Additional resources could also help to boost outreach to the general public and inspire youth into contributing to this progress. That being sad, we highly respect those who are currently involved in making space colonization a dream come true!

More about SpaceRip:

If you haven’t already, you need to check out the SpaceRip YouTube channel. For about 9 years they have been uploading high-quality mini-documentaries all about the space sciences; from black holes to robotics, and even super storms on Earth. Lately they have been a little sparse about their upload frequency which is why it is so exciting that they’ve recently released another video that retains their characteristic quality. Dick Rodstein (Cosmic Journeys) is actually the narrator of many of their videos, but unfortunately he does not appear to narrate this newest one. Hopefully this is not an indication of his departure from the SpaceRip team. His voice creates a very soothing and engaging experience. So, if you’re looking for exciting and well-crafted space documentaries to tie satiate your needs, SpaceRip is highly recommended!

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