New Photos From Juno’s Recent Jupiter Fly-Over (Perijove 09)

Juno has successfully completed its 8th fly-over (Perijove 09) of Jupiter as of October 24th, 2017. This fly-over took Juno as close as 2,300 miles above the gas giant. As usual, the processed images are stunning:










These images were all processed by London-based digital artist Sean Doran. So far, in my opinion, he has generated some of the best processed images of Juno’s fly-overs yet. Please visit his Flickr account for even more astronomy-based videos and images, including some of Juno’s previous fly-bys.

For each Perijove, NASA has uploaded the raw image files from JunoCam to their public site so that any member of the general public can have a whack at processing and studying these photos. Visit their JunoCam site to see these raw images as well as their choice picks of publicly processed photos. Sean Doran is often featured on this site as well.

Juno will begin Perijove 10 on December 16th out of a planned 14 altogether.

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  1. Hello Jo. This website is super cool. The illustrations captures my heart and soul.

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